Where’s the Wine Festival boss?

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In the Black Stone Abyss, the boss can only be killed if the player is level 89 or above, and when the boss is killed, the player drops purple ornaments and equipment at level 470.You can do the job and get the transporter to the Black Stone Abyss, or you can run.The following is a small series to introduce it!Wine during the day, the player to blackstone deep copy, after go in to abort the right hand side 3 small monster, and then use the transmitter, the black iron bar, challenge colin liquor boss, boss will drop six pieces of jewelry, including 4 pieces 110 grades of ornaments, 2 pieces of pure endurance act the role ofing is tasted, probability will drop liquor weapon, also have a small probability will drop liquor of the remote control.Items dropped: 4 level 110 ornaments: Colin’s good luck coin, Black Iron Banger, Tipweed, empty Tipglass (as shown below) 2 pure stamina ornaments:Amulet of Dark wine and Amulet of Light wine (as shown in the picture below) are both of 128 stamina items, and both have +45 stamina. They both have a 10-minute cooldown after use.Above, black iron bar within the world of warcraft: world of warcraft is fabricated by the famous game company blizzard entertainment a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is a real-time strategy game “world of warcraft” plot for the historical background, the player in the world of warcraft adventure, to complete the task, to explore the unknown world, conquer monster, etc.The above is xiaobian for you to sort out the relevant content, I hope to help you.If there are any mistakes, please criticize and point them out. Thank you!