Serie A analysis: Atalanta v Juventus

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Game Time: 2022-02-14 3:45 Monday Team:Atlanta v Juventus Atlanta is the home team room that night when the rain, leakage and sperry’s team in the recent league performance fell, after the last round home defeat to cagliari has 3 games in the league, and knocked out by fiorentina in midweek cup, although the viola without miodrag vlahovic of conventional weapons, but it ushered in the pia Turk,The real blue and black are out with ease.The team’s defence has been patchy, conceding an average of 1.4 goals in the last 10 games, and the long-term absence of striker Jose Zapata has left morale at a low level.Although the team won their first match of the season against Juventus, but the two sides have been 50-50 in the past 10 games, this game against the bianconeri have not beaten 10 games, alexandre will be difficult to pick up points.The visiting team Juventus recently state or apparently recovered, the team in the last round of serie a home game against verona, new signing miodrag vlahovic and zakaria, ultimately the team 2-0 romp home, after the team 2-1 victory in the Italian cup home solow, Juventus after it all competitions 14 games unbeaten, and odds to achieve more than 7 into,The team has been very consistent and is currently fourth in the league with 45 points.Juventus attack performance is steadily improving, the addition of the striker Vlahovic is to improve the juve front line, the defense is also more stable, the team has a 50% win rate in the away game, the recent 6 away game 4 wins and 2 draws performance is very good.Analysis of initial Atlanta certain support, later period decreased obviously, it is worth mentioning that although Juventus at the end of the season for the first time in the face of Atlanta’s lose points in the game, but the team recently won the cup and the league of Atlanta, the state is not the state of the downturn in the early season already, and Juventus this season’s goal is to sprint to the champions league,Juventus have a better chance this time.