Mate40 is different from MatE40E

2022-04-28 0 By

The difference between huawei MATE0 and MATE40E is mainly in price and camera.Step one, the two phones are basically the same in other ways, whether it be a screen life also have other functions are not big difference, mainly is aimed at people who want to buy mate40, but people don’t have that much money you can buy mate40E version as low, cost performance was quite good, also can save a lot of money.Step two, MATE40 is better at taking pictures. After all, it is the advanced version. It takes pictures with better resolution and uses a clearer camera.MATE40E is a lower version of the phone, but still retains the quality of Huawei, or very trustworthy.Step 3, the two phones in all aspects of the gap is not very big, is the only performance on a slightly faster, a slightly slower, another is in the photo mate40 photo effect is better, this is also affected by the price and other aspects, the rich people can choose the high-end, budget of general people can choose 40 e.