Britain’s Rudi Has spoken out about Batu after the Winter Olympics, saying the two brothers are not in touch and are afraid to disturb each other’s lives

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Recently, Ying Rudi, the youngest son of Yingda, mentioned his brother Batu for the first time in an interview, saying that they have no contact and he wants to contact but is afraid to disturb each other’s life, adding that “the other party may not want me as a brother”.As a result, the old story between Yingda and Song Dandan was once again mentioned by netizens, causing a hot debate.On February 18, Ying Rudi, the youngest son of Yingda, who has attracted much attention because of his participation in ice hockey in the Winter Olympics, gave an interview to the media via live broadcast.In the interview, he explained how he got his name, talked about the sport of ice hockey and, for the first time, spoke about his relationship with his brother Batu.He acknowledged the brotherly relationship between the two men, but was quite candid about their lack of contact.He said he hoped his brother would contact him, but he never did.At this point, some people may want to ask, since you want to contact, why can’t the younger brother take the initiative to contact the elder brother?In this regard, Ying Rudi also explained, he said his home has always welcomed Batu back, but the other side has their own family, can not be selfish to disturb other people’s life, what’s more, we may ignore a problem, Batu may not want him this brother.Though the words are pitiful, netizens are not impressed.In particular, this “he does not find batu is polite do not disturb, batu does not find him is do not want him” double standard logic + ability has been teased by many netizens, as if drinking a big cup of green tea.However, some netizens defended Ying, saying that she is only 23 years old and spends most of her time on training. She does not understand the ways of the world.This may just be out of his own true thoughts, no need to distort to understand him, what is the problem or injustice is the head debt is the owner, identify his father Yingda.Well, that’s true — only Dysprosium knows what he means by everyone else doing the reading comprehension, but the person who caused the “connection-or-not” problem that brothers have to face is a sure thing.In 1987, Song Dandan met Yingda in the art rehearsal of the new drama “Arsonist”. Similar hobbies and frequent contact made the two people close to each other quickly. They became a romantic couple from ordinary friends and registered their marriage two years later.In 1990, their son Batu was born.The marriage continued for several more years after that, but eventually fell apart.As for what, Song Dandan had explained in his book, a simple summary is probably their derailment.Although the love affair with Yingda looks bright, it is filled with silent pain in private.The man was very talented, but nothing in life. According to the current words, Song Dandan almost got married as a widowhood. In the long run, she could not stick to it, and finally chose to cheat.Three days after falling in love with her new lover, she came to Yingda and confessed, and Yingda soon agreed to divorce.Until both sides got the divorce certificate, Song Dandan found that Yingda had been ambiguous with Liang Huan for a number of days.In the same year of her divorce from Song Dandan, Yingda married Liang Huan, and they soon had a son and a daughter.Because both sides are the TOP level of entertainment at that time, so after the divorce of these two people have no less in the door to blitzer, every three or five is about to tear because of all kinds of small things, a dozen, and this one of the biggest, or because of the child.In August 2011, Song dandan brought Batu on the show to promote his new work, and soon after, Yingda followed suit with her son.Show, he shows himself with the feelings such as dysprosium, says he is both drivers, nanny, cook, coach father “” four landscapes, say oneself to the ice rink, throw money such as dysprosium and proud of him, also said that if the space can only take three things, he will get CD, a book, and the like of Mozart pictures of dysprosium.It doesn’t matter to say xiu Xiu, after all, it is normal for fathers to love their children. However, Yingda’s remarks indirectly affected another child, Batu, whom yingda had been ignoring, causing him to be laughed at by his classmates: “Why doesn’t your father bring your photo? Does he love you?”In fact, it was more than love. After the divorce, Yingda almost ignored Batu. Even batu’s grandfather died, he learned about it through the news, and he wanted to worship later, but Yingda refused.Such a father, but now promote himself is a good father, angry Song Dandan directly scold each other hypocritical, by the way also exposed the fact that many Yingda cold-blooded batu, such as batu at the age of 7 yingda took him out to play, Yingda ignored him;When he was 11 years old, Batu asked Inda for his phone, but Inda didn’t give it to him…A variety of.When such details come to light, public opinion naturally follows.Inda was forced to respond, but…His response was cold-blooded to the end: divorce is about starting a new life, about turning everything over, including the loss of children.That said, can really want to give him a clap…But, before you worry, let’s hear what yingda says before we clap.Two days before Ying’s response to his relationship with his brother, Ying da appeared as a guest on a TV show, where he was again asked about fatherhood and mentioned Batu.Yingda responded that he would treat all the children equally if he had conditions, without bias or deliberate intent. At the end of the words, he said with special meaning: “If you don’t let me pay attention to, people hate, don’t bother us, then how can you pay attention to?”I believe you can understand the eccentricity of this statement, but…Ten years ago, you said you wanted to move on. Now, how can you be ignored by your partner?You sure your face doesn’t hurt when you talk like that?In other words, the failure of a marriage must be caused by many aspects, and so many years have passed, we have no position, no details, and there is no need to tangle about who is right and who is wrong. But after the divorce, It is obvious to everyone that Yingda ignored Batu.Cultivate son finally have ambition for many years, yingda as father wanted to show their years of effort, can to get some praise can understand about father’s identity, but as eternal song dan-dan famous was said, you can play any role you want to play, but please don’t hurt has been abandoned by you once, also please don’t look good on to save face,Tell lies you don’t believe, because the Internet doesn’t have a memory.