Yongchuan here and a new public kindergarten

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Red Star Seven color Light kindergarten is an independent public inclusive first-level kindergarten, the existing northwest park and qingcheng Park two parks, Qingcheng Park is located in No. 500 Tanhua Road (the former Qingcheng Road primary school), the park is organized by the Yongchuan District Education Commission, yongchuan Vocational Education Center.The introduction of yongchuan District Hongxing Kindergarten advanced education concept and rich management experience, to cultivate the five fields of balanced, moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor development of the new era of preschool children as the goal, for children’s lifelong development to lay a solid foundation.Kindergarten in line with “carefree childhood, into the natural beauty” of the idea, maximum limit the nature to the kindergarten, establish scientific and appropriate learning and living environment, give the child independent management and explore opportunities and platform, respect the laws and characteristics of the development of the child, let all the children present a kind of healthy and comfortable growth, enjoy my childhood, the achievement of natural beauty.Now done outdoor venues have been rebuilt after modification of qingcheng mountain park will issue officially start qingcheng mountain park in the spring of 2022 in overall planning of eight class can accommodate more than 200 kindergarten is equipped with a separate dining room big play sand, ancillary facilities such as kindergarten activity room safety standard stadium large stage, spacious, bright and equipped with advanced multimedia equipment electronic piano,Educational toys with multi-functional hall, living hall, large art room, etc.Enrollment conditions: Preschool children aged 3-6 can apply.2. Planned spring enrollment: 2 small classes (60 students), with 10 degrees remaining in middle class and 5 degrees remaining in big class.Registration is limited and will continue until full.Address: No. 500 Tanhua Road, Yongchuan District, Chongqing municipality (former Qingcheng Road Primary School) Welcome to inquire about relevant enrollment information hotline: 13638322807 (Teacher Xie)