In a brawl, no one wins!

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“Beans are boiled as soup and beans as juice.The dicranopteris burns under the caldron, and the bean sobs in it.We are from the same root, so why should we hurry?”Brotherly love is blood is thicker than water, but brothers fight over trifles.Recently, the Zigui County People’s Procuratorate accepted a case of intentional injury between brothers caused by household electricity problems.Case review in December 2021, criminal suspect Wang mou a to its brother Wang mou b do not let it in the house to receive the socket ceng on the ground, in wang Mou B house door to its couple abuse, and asked Wang Mou B to connect its socket, in order to facilitate its electricity.Wang’s wife, Xiong, heard it in the house and splashed wang with water on the doorstep.So Wang mou a hit the head and face of the bear with a stone.Wang Mou b saw this, rushed up to block Wang Mou a, both sides scuffle together.Afterwards Wang mou a hit wang mou b’s house door with stone again, bring about the house door to also be damaged.This conflict, resulting in xiong’s head left temple red and swollen, bleeding inside the mouth, four front teeth loose, Wang a left forehead broken blood.After the zigui County People’s Hospital forensic forensic forensic appraisal institute identification, Xiong’s teeth injury constitutes minor injury grade two.At present, the case is under further review.This case wang mou a hurt his brother Wang mou b and sister-in-law xiong xx, Wang Mou A was approved by our hospital to execute the arrest, wang Mou B and sister-in-law Xiong xx body and property damage, no one is the winner.Prosecutors remind the rule of law society, conflicts and disputes should be rationally resolved, let alone “blood is thicker than water”, brothers for a small fight, not only hurt the body, but also hurt the feelings between relatives.