1-0, China’s former bitter master magical battle: win the key 3 points, into the World Cup and play

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Costa Rica beat Jamaica 1-0 with three points after Jorge Borges missed from the penalty spot and Joel Campbell saved the day in the 11th round of the World Cup finals.According to the latest FIFA rankings, Costa Rica is ranked 49th in the world and fourth in North And Central America, behind the United States, Mexico and Canada.Costa Rica, who have played in five World Cups, were in the same group as China in 2002, winning their opening match 2-0.In 2014, Costa Rica made it past Italy, Uruguay and England to reach the last eight of the World Cup.Costa Rica were drawn with Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia at the 2018 World Cup and only managed one draw and two losses in their group stage.Costa Rica breezed through to the third stage of the tournament, but got off to a rough start with four draws and one loss in the first five rounds before winning its first game 2-1 against El Salvador in the sixth round.After 10 rounds, Costa Rica sit fifth in the standings with 3 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, four points behind panama in fourth.Costa Rica won the game against second-to-last Jamaica.In the 60th minute, Costa Rica were awarded a penalty, but Borges missed.Borges made up the score in the 61st minute, sending a pinpoint long ball that Joel Campbell stepped in from the right, cooled off defenders inside the penalty area and then volleyed home with his left foot to give Costa Rica a 1-0 lead.One minute costa Rica missed a penalty, the next minute they broke the deadlock, and it was hell to heaven.The goal was so important for Costa Rica that the substitutes rushed onto the pitch and the team embraced in a passionate celebration.The 29-year-old Joel Campbell, who left his mark at Arsenal, Villarreal and Betis, is now costa Rica’s leg.It was Joel Campbell’s lone goal that gave Costa Rica a hard-fought 1-0 win over Jamaica and three crucial points on the way to the World Cup qualifiers.Costa Rica now have 16 points, one point behind Panama in fourth place.According to the rules of the world preliminary tournament, the top 3 teams in North America will advance directly to the World Cup, while the fourth place will have a play-off with the Oceanian teams.That said, Costa Rica are not far away from the play-off places, with the possibility of an upset in the last three rounds.Of course, with Costa Rica’s win, Jamaica fell 10 points behind the top four, losing any hope of a place in the top four with three rounds of qualifying remaining and becoming the only North Central American team to declare their exit after Honduras.