Wang Chuanfu double arrows, BYD ace model new

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Referring to BYD’s flagship model, NOTHING is better than BYD Han, beating BBA to become the new sales crown in the field of medium and large sedans.Now Wang Chuanfu double arrows, BYD Han models new, and broke out the new Han EV and HAN DM-I two new products.1, BYD ace model for BYD han, Wang Chuanfu once said: “This model is not good, I will be ashamed.”As it turned out, Mr. Wang not only made the car, but also made it a national product.Since its listing in July 2020, BYDBIHAN has shown a burst of temperament, attention and sales are high, strong into the BBA monopoly of medium and large car field, not only comparable to BBA, and even in November and December last year, beat BBA for two consecutive months, occupying the top position in the market segment of medium and large car.In the sedan sector, BYD has taken a big step forward on behalf of its own brands through the new energy market.2, the new Han EV endurance 715km recently in the latest announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, BYD Han broke out two new products – new Han EV and Han DM-I, Han family product matrix is more perfect, product power to the next level.Among them, the new Han EV has a total operating range of 715km and 610km two versions.The previous Han EV models only had three ranges of 506km, 550km and 605km. The launch of the new product marks the entry of Han EV into the 700km+ range era, and the range capacity comprehensively exceeds that of other models of the same level, breaking people’s cognition of the range of medium and large pure electric cars, and the power consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 13.5kWh.The performance of han EV four-wheel drive version does not change much, but the comprehensive operating range is increased from 550km to 610km, and the power consumption for 100 km is 14.9kwh.The new product allows han EV four-wheel drive version to guarantee performance advantages at the same time, taking into account the superior range, covering more car scenarios.Moreover, the new Han EV will also be standard with wide temperature range high efficiency heat pump air conditioning, in low temperature environment can also efficiently absorb environmental heat, air conditioning energy consumption reduced by about 40%, low temperature range in winter increased by 10%.This effectively improves the ability of new energy models to travel in winter.It is reported that the starting price of the new Han EV is 280,000 yuan.Among byd’s sales of new energy vehicles in 2021, the sales volume of hybrid cars is 273,000 units, although not as high as 321,000 units of pure electric models, but the growth rate of 467.6% is far higher than the 144.9% of the latter.This clearly highlights the popularity of BYD’s hybrid models.In particular, dM-I super hybrid models with five advantages of fast, economical, quiet, smooth and green are hard to find. Every product is popular, such as Qin PLUS DM-I, Song PLUS DM-I, Tang DM-I and Song Pro DM-I.As for the flagship Han model, consumers have been waiting for the launch of the DM-I model, and now it is finally coming.The whole series is equipped with snapcloud-plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high efficiency engine, and the two-drive version of Han DM-I model with EHS electric hybrid system, with only 5.1L/5.3L fuel consumption per 100 km.At the same time with the motor power of 145kW and 160kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, making the maximum torque up to 316N.m/325N.m, has the advantages of saving fuel and electricity, but also can output superior acceleration performance.It is exciting that reliable news says that DM-I AWD will also be equipped with 160kW and 200kW dual permanent magnet synchronous motors, which can accelerate only 3.7s for 100km, enjoying the acceleration performance of super car.As we all know, the blade battery is BYD’s trump card, which not only has a range comparable to three lithium batteries, but also has ultra-high safety, which will delete “spontaneous combustion” from the new energy vehicle dictionary.The whole series of DM-I will be equipped with blade battery, which has the advantages of super safety, super long life, super long mileage and so on.In addition, the vehicle VCU, engine controller ECU, motor controller MCU and other electronic control units make the DM-I driving quiet and smooth.All kinds of signs show that BYD han two new products have explosive potential, visual test will be a hit after the listing, help Han family to a new height.