The hafu Red Rabbit starts at 99,800 yuan in the bargain sale

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, there are Hafu red rabbit sales in our shop, the color is optional, the current purchase of some car models can be preferential 0.00 thousand yuan, interested friends can go to the shop to consult to buy, details see the following table:According to the guided price sort according to the decline sort promotional model cash discount model name naked car price discount guided price operation 2022 jin Enjoy version 1.5T brass rabbit 99,800 0.00 99,800 inquiry 2022 jin enjoy version 1.5T copper rabbit 104,800 0.00 104,800 inquiry 2021 engine version1.5 T 1.0980001098 trillion inquiry 2022 silver rabbit rabbit king 1.3880001388 trillion inquiry 2021 1.5 L DHT excitation with version 1.5 T gold rabbit 1.1780001178 trillion inquiry 2021 cream with version 1.5 TPlatinum Rabbit 123,800 0.00 123,800 INQUIRY Note: February 10, 2022 market vehicle prices are subject to change at any time, please pay attention to the local market our shop features above for the model information information, our shop provides a number of value-added services, interested friends welcome to inquire.4S shop Heping Automobile Park Hafu 4S shop business address: Wuhan Hongshan District Renhe Road Heping Automobile Industrial Park telephone: 4009721572