The cold air is connected with the rain, but the Shanghai usher in sunny warm in sight!

2022-04-26 0 By

Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory released today and tomorrow at 5 o ‘clock on February 19, 2022 Shanghai weather forecast: overcast sometimes light rain, this evening to the early night to cloudy, cloudy tomorrow.Northerly winds of force 4-5, gusts of force 6 in coastal areas along the river.Today’s high is 7 degrees, tomorrow’s low is 2 degrees.The relative humidity today is 60-95%.Under the control of cold high pressure, the rain stopped to cloudy on Sunday, and the feeling of the body turned from wet and cold to sunny and cold.Due to the early temperature has been suppressed very “miserable”, there is no drop in the temperature range is not too big, the whole day temperature of 2-6℃, accompanied by 4-5 level of the north wind, the body feeling wet cold to dry cold.Wandering back of the sun effect is not much, indoor washing is no problem, there is a period of 1-2 days of precipitation in the middle of the week.Don’t be discouraged. Get through this wave of rain and the warmth is just ahead.The sunshine will return next Thursday, and from Friday onwards, the temperature will take off a little during the day under the warm south wind. It is worth looking forward to next weekend!However, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, to prevent cold sneak attack.