The car is over 5 meters long and breaks 100 in 4.9 seconds. How delicious is Volvo S90 RECHARGE?

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In the market of new energy vehicles, plug-in hybrid models have a high degree of recognition.After all, most pure electric vehicles have inherent slots such as short range and poor charging. On the other hand, plug-in hybrid models can make up for this deficiency, which is why they are popular.Is the Volvo S90 RECHARGE worth it if you want to buy a luxury PLUG-IN hybrid C class?With that in mind, let’s take a look at today’s article.Currently, There are four versions of Volvo S90 RECHARGE, including model 2022 and modified model 2022. Among them, the modified model 2022 is the newly launched model and we meet with the official guide price between RMB 49.99 and 613,900 yuan.The analysis of the model for the 2022 T8 E drive hybrid Zhiyi luxury edition, the guide price is 499,900 yuan.Hereinafter referred to as the luxury version of Wisdom.Although it is a new energy model, but this Volvo S90 RECHARGE still continues the overall shape of the fuel version of Volvo S90.For the front design, I believe everyone is no strangers, whether the thick body layout, or straight falls chrome-plated intake grille, reveal the full Volvo breath, as a luxury C class car, grade and aura, Volvo S90 RECHARGE can be very good to meet our needs.As for headlight configuration, Volvo S90 RECHARGE has also reached the mainstream level of the same level, although the luxury version is the entry model, but LED light source near and far headlights, LED daytime running lights and automatic headlights are assembled on its body.If there is a problem, it is the lack of front fog lamps. Even the top version with a price of more than 610,000 yuan does not have front fog lamps. In any case, as a practical lighting configuration, front fog lamps do not cost much, which is indeed a big reduction.Looking at the side of the body, thanks to the length of 5090mm, the overall look is very slender and elegant, and the decoration of the chrome-plated decorative strip at the bottom of the door also improves the class sense.The charging port assembled at the front wing plate shows its identity as a new energy source.The front and rear tyres are 245/45 R18 and, like most of the class, lack spare tyres.Turn around and come to the tail, and the front face is the same, we are familiar with the style.The overall design tends to be simple and does not give people a bright feeling. Of course, the combination of double C-style taillight and the Volvo English logo inlaid in the middle of the rear of the car are still the portrayal of the movement and atmosphere.I believe that the reason why many friends like Volvo is not only its proud safety, but also its Nordic simple interior design and environmentally friendly interior materials, which is also the key to being planted by Volvo.Most of the functions in the car need to be completed through a 9-inch LCD screen, only a small part of the air conditioning control of the physical button, coupled with 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, exquisite shape of the electronic handle, to create a good simple technology atmosphere.In addition, the solid wood decorative board and a large number of environmentally friendly interior materials are added, which also accords with the positioning and identity of luxury C class cars.In terms of configuration, let’s first talk about technology configuration. The 9-inch touch screen supports on-board navigation, voice recognition control and Internet of vehicles, which can meet the car needs of most consumers.Comprehensive active safety configuration is also its own characteristics.If the driving texture requirements are relatively high friends, according to their own needs, to install air suspension.As for the seat space, Volvo S90 RECHARGE wheelbase reaches 3061mm, which is basically consistent with the space performance of the fuel version. Adult males of normal height can adjust the position suitable for driving in the front row, and the back row can still easily raise two legs, but the imitation leather seat cushion is short and hard.The actual comfort is not as good as its rival Cadillac CT6.The rear seat does not support falling down, fortunately the trunk is practical performance is good, put three large suitcases is not a problem.In terms of hardware, Volvo S90 RECHARGE uses 2.0t engine + motor hardware assembly, matching with eight-speed automatic transmission, the comprehensive maximum power up to 335kW, the maximum torque of 709N·m, just from the book data analysis, enough to see its strong performance.The official speed of 0-100km/h is 4.9 seconds, making it one of the performance cars.The battery has an 18.8kwh lithium-ion battery with a pure electric range of 75km.The time of slow charging and fast charging were 5 hours and 13 hours respectively.Volvo S90 RECHARGE use is the front double fork arm type independent suspension and after multi-link type independent suspension, at the same time in the electric four-wheel drive support, so that its driving texture has a remarkable performance.In addition to the above mentioned 4.9 seconds, when driving, although the length of the car is more than 5 meters, it can basically drive where it points, without the heavy feeling of driving a big car.To speak of the shortcomings, the main is that in the feed state, the engine noise is relatively large, which affects the driving texture to a certain extent.In general, through the above analysis, the overall product strength of Volvo S90 RECHARGE is commendable, even audi A6L PHEV and other competitive products with higher brand awareness have no obvious shortcomings and disadvantages.For the Volvo S90 RECHARGE, which can give consideration to both air field space and performance, I feel that if the budget is about 500,000 yuan, if you want to buy a green brand luxury C-class car, you may wish to consider it.