The Party Committee of Gaoping Rural Commercial Bank visited the frontline staff during the Spring Festival: greetings to those who stick to it

2022-04-26 0 By

Gaoping Nong Commercial Bank Gaoping Nong Commercial Bank Spring Festival not closed condolences warm hearts!Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.In this time of thousands of families celebrating the Spring Festival, there are always a group of people, abandon the warmth of family happiness is still fighting in their posts.Service by heart is never just a feeling, but also a kind of adherence;Sincerely for you, never just a promise, but also a responsibility.On February 1, the first lunar month, during the happy atmosphere, ying ying to send holiday greetings to frontline employees, Gao Pingnong merchant bank chairman Yang Gehong lead team members to all city outlets, authority department office on duty, the monitoring center, escort duty room, staff canteen and the guard room visits condolences, for each caffeine arts and on-the-job employees on the Spring Festival in a red envelope.At each place, Yang Gehong, chairman of the board, inquired about the opening situation of the first quarter of each branch and the situation of job rotation during the festival, and cordially asked everyone to take into account the reasonable arrangement of family leave while doing their duty, to ensure that work and life are not a mistake, and spend a happy and peaceful New Year.”Comrades have worked hard, thank you for your hard work, I wish you a happy New Year!.”Visit the site, team members and each employee friendly talk.Yang Gehong chairman to the families of the broad masses of workers and staff on behalf of the party committee on the New Year’s wishes and greetings, to sacrifice with their family during the Spring Festival, at home, hold the dedication expressed sincere respect and heartfelt thanks, encourage everyone in the New Year, in their respective jobs continue to hype, together create a better tomorrow.Yang Gehong chairman pointed out that want to combine the first start activities, actively forging and short board, long board strength, firmly seize the favorable opportunity of repair and maintenance of the customer during the Spring Festival, focus on process management to ensure the safe and steady operation of the work, with more delicate, sweet, loving service to show Gao Pingnong merchant bank good social image.”Please rest assured the Party committee, we will work hard, stand every shift, do every business, highlight the best spirit of Gaoping Rural Commercial Bank”.Highly stimulated by the party committee’s concern, the staff members have expressed their strong desire to ring and work hard with full confidence and drive to join the transformation and development of Gaoping Rural Commercial Bank and make greater contributions to the implementation of its financial mission.During the period, the leadership team of Gauping Rural Commercial Bank checked the safety management of the network through remote monitoring, and required to continue to do a good job in safety prevention in accordance with the requirements of “zero action”, to ensure that through a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.