Saw this 135 square meters to understand, receive enough, home life will be more happy, really taught

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To be honest, even if the people will pick up again, if there is no good home environment, not only tired but also half the effort every day.If you learn from the owner of this house earlier, is it possible that after you get some experience in details, your home will also be full and it will not take much effort to tidy up? After seeing this 135㎡ home, you will understand that home life will be happier if you have enough storage!Take the door porch this is the foreshadowing that leaves a good impression to the person, owner home is accomplished in both appearance level and practicality, the space is relaxed and bright wall of one side is installed dangling ark, clothes shoes are good put, another side is to hang a mirror, go to the bathroom to go out to arrange appearance and appearance.The two entry doors are not so much a ritual, but a practical design that adds privacy while also preventing dust from being brought into the room.Come to his living room you may suspect, but do not doubt, there is hardly a piece of furniture in sight.The sitting room combines dining-room however of an organic whole outfit, besides ark of side of table, eat, air conditioning, do not see sofa tea table, vacate a hollow space, also can reduce knock against when the child is playing in the home.What spreads here is the wooden floor that herringbone spells, and opposite eat hutch was opposite, ceramic tile ground is more appropriate instead.L-shaped cabinets extend the wooden panels to serve as a dining table, adding functionality to the space, which can be used as a working surface even without a dining table.One wall on the opposite side made a whole embedded cabinet, receive a space comparable to store content space, this also is the glamour place of this home.Say advocate lie the way that the space has a bit a lot of people looked to hold two kinds of attitude, the head of a bed moves 80 centimeters forward, add build by laying bricks or bricks a false wall serves as partition, rear lies between the space to hit the cabinet of embedded, a cloakroom that enters type much.Also be not to did not leave a sitting room in fact, this study also is to hold concurrently the action of the study, installed bookshelf, desk not only, still arrange sofa, TV, after two husband and wife coax the child to fall asleep at ordinary times, can see a movie what in this, enjoy 2 people world.Although what children room says is upper and lower shop, but the lower shop is used to give the child recreational play, compared with traditional design such more suit a child.Additional fluctuation of the side of the shop changed a stand ark, just also gave the space of corner of chicken rib to use go up, the child’s toy, book, put here appropriate.There are 2 bathrooms in the house, and this one has a shower room, separated by a glass door for dry and wet separation.What another toilet installs is bath crock, nature has this condition in the home, bath crock should be arranged to go up of course, bubble of a bath from work does not mention enjoyed much.