New Year special | Year of the Tiger creative gift box open!The New Year such as tiger add “billion”!Good luck!

2022-04-26 0 By

In the New Year, I wish you all the stories can be wonderful, all the endings can be successful, the light friendship is very true, the light attachment is very light, the light thoughts are very deep, the light blessing is the most true!The sound of firecrackers broke the old troubles, fireworks profusion ushered in the New Year’s good omen.Happy Spring Festival couplets bring boundless expectations.Happy New Year to you!Spring Festival is coming!Big Orange’s good friend, Juanjuan, received a lot of interesting and creative gift boxes. We’d like to thank our brand partners for their support and love for the New Year. We have received each box filled with creativity and heart.There are Easter eggs at the end of the credits oh ~ Big Orange is also here to give you a blessing in the early years: tiger force fully open, lively tiger!Like a tiger with wings added, bonanza!See so many creative gift boxes do you have a favorite style?Let big Orange know in the comments section that New Year’s wishes for 2022 are here