Juan Antonio Samaranch: Everything will be perfect in Beijing

2022-04-26 0 By

The text/yangcheng evening news media reporters Li Gang ZhanShuZhen members of the international Olympic committee, the Beijing 2022 Olympic winter games 24 coordination commission chairman Juan Antonio samaranch, recently accepted international winter sports expo series interview program “Sally interview — 2022 ice dialogue” interview, samaranch said that the upcoming Beijing Olympics,Everything will be perfect.Samaranch said no one at the IOC has any doubts about Beijing and China’s organizational ability, which Beijing has proven in 2008 and has repeatedly demonstrated in organizing sports events, from the Asian Games to other major sports events.For the upcoming Beijing Olympics, Juan Antonio samaranch think that everything is perfect, he knows the Beijing organizing committee for the games are a team, team members are all experienced, strong ability of professionals, everything he believed that the games would be perfect, since February 4, Beijing will bring the world a wonderful game.Samaranch believes the Olympics will inspire a large number of people to adopt a better and healthier lifestyle, which would be an amazing achievement of the Beijing Games.The Olympic Games have left a legacy of extraordinary facilities, such as Shougang Park, a former heavily polluted industrial area, which has been transformed into a beautiful, clean park through a series of sporting events into the headquarters of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympics.In addition, Samaranch said China is now one of the most important countries in summer sports and is a true sporting powerhouse.2022 will bring China to a higher level in winter sports.In the coming Winter Olympics, China is sure to be at the top of the medal table.Talking about his work after the Olympics, he said a good example of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was the establishment of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, which made sure all the facilities were in good condition and used continuously to attract the public to continue to go there.Source | guangzhou yangcheng evening news · sent pictured above | visual coordinating editor of China | jing-song liang