A BMW that changes color

2022-04-26 0 By

Why does BMW “change color”?At BMW, digitization enables a personalized and emotional integrated user experience for car interiors.In My Modes, drivers can choose the in-car atmosphere entirely based on their personal mood and the driving experience they expect.So can digitisation do anything about the shape of a car?Of course you can!The E Ink-equipped BMW iX Flow was unveiled at CES 2022, giving us a glimpse of the future of digital technology.Equipped with E Ink technology, the BMW iX Flow is a “colour-changing” car with a surface that changes color according to the driver’s choice.It is a sign that digital technology is adapting the appearance of vehicles to different situations and individual desires, so that we can choose the car paint according to our own personality!How does this BMW “change color”?There’s a lot of learning here!The E Ink technology, which allows smooth color changes, is made possible by specially developed body wrapping materials.The package material is tailored to the outline of BMW’s all-electric sport utility vehicle. When stimulated by electrical signals, electrophoresis technology brings different colors of paint to the surface of the package material, giving the body the desired color.Electrophoretic coloring is based on a technology developed by E Ink that is best known for its use in e-reader displays.Using an E Ink finish, BMW iX Flow contains millions of tiny capsules that are about the width of a human hair.Each capsule contained an charged pigment, a negatively charged white pigment and a positively charged black pigment.Depending on the driver’s choice of Settings, an electric field stimulates the car to concentrate white or black paint on the surface of the capsule, providing the desired hue.What are the benefits of being colour-changing?The innovative E Ink technology opens up a whole new way of changing the appearance of a vehicle according to the driver’s aesthetic preferences, environmental conditions and even functions.We all know that white surfaces reflect more sunlight than black surfaces.This means that by changing the color of the car to a light color, you can reduce the temperature inside the car caused by strong sunlight and high outdoor temperatures.In cooler weather, darker paint will help the car absorb more heat from the sun.In this way, the driver can choose the color of the car to reduce the cooling and heating required by the car’s air conditioning.This reduces the amount of energy required by the car’s own electrical system, while also reducing the fuel or electricity consumption of the vehicle.For all-electric cars, wouldn’t it help to increase the range if we could change the color depending on the weather?And inside the car, the technology prevents the dashboard from overheating.And the E Ink technology itself is very energy efficient.Unlike displays or projectors, electrophoresis requires no energy at all to maintain the selected color state, making it extremely energy efficient.