Why don’t you buy a car when you have a good life and a lot of money?Insider: People are getting smarter

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Foreword when it comes to looking for objects on blind dates, we often hear who has a house and a car, as if having a house and a car is qualified, or having a house and a car is more advantageous. It can be seen that houses and cars can be regarded as symbols of wealth, but recently there are more houses and fewer cars than before, as if a car is no longer necessary.Used car but luxury, because is foreign to you when it comes to seem very high, but as the country’s economic development, mass production car, the car had entered innumberable families, as long as is not a luxury car, almost every family can afford, seafood, cars and spices from high-grade consumer goods, become a popular commodity.As the price of the car production is enough, nature is more and more common, and now everyone income also raised, to buy a car should be easy, so should be very popular, but now a car seems less enthusiasm, youth large consumption are almost always first to buy a house, when it comes to buying a car, there are many reasons, temporarily don’t need to buy.I was puzzled by this phenomenon. Their consumption did not seem to be poor, and ordinary cars were already very cheap, which was equivalent to the current salary. After communicating with them, I knew that they had learned to be sophisticated, considering many practical situations.For example, with the development of public transportation, China has built a large number of high-speed railways in recent years, almost covering most parts of the country, and many small cities have access to high-speed railways. Long-distance travel used to be by plane, but now high-speed railways are not only fast, but also convenient and comfortable to places without airports.It used to be buses and driving, and buses were too slow.But now the subway is more and more developed, with the convenience of buses and the speed of private cars, it is a good choice.There is also, although it looks like buying a car is cheap, there are tens of thousands of cars, but it is often heard that it is easy to buy a car and it is difficult to keep a car. The cost of keeping a car can not be ignored. Once I heard a friend say that the annual parking fee is no small expense.Nowadays, there are more and more cars, and the parking space is in short supply, so the price will naturally rise. Some friends live in high-end communities, and park their cars in old and shabby places, just to save parking fees. It sounds funny, but it also reflects that parking fees are not cheap.In addition to parking fees, insurance, maintenance, repair, gas and other expenses, the depreciation of the car is also fast, calculate down this cost is really not low ah.I do not know when, the network popular “pressure”, visible now society, everyone pressure is very big, especially the most familiar, high housing prices, sky-high education, expensive problem of seeing a doctor.We need to get married and buy a house. We need to pay the mortgage every month. We have children to go to school.A friend once said, think parents open the same bank, and now dare not get sick, small illness may be hundreds of dollars more than 1000 did not, serious illness can not imagine, especially the elderly, so now to limit bad habits, keep good body.Having said that, people feel more pressure on their wallets, with so many things to spend money on in their daily lives, and considering the high cost of owning and maintaining a car, many people simply don’t buy one.Finally, we have always attached great importance to face. Although it is difficult to say whether he is good or not, face is really important in reality, especially for businessmen who used to have a car, they feel rich and powerful, so they are more likely to be trusted.Some people think that cars represent wealth, but now cars are everywhere in the streets, people have seen it all, it will not be as high class as before, of course, in addition to luxury cars, ordinary families will not and do not need to face, but increase the burden, and public transportation is convenient and cheap, so there is no need to buy a car.In fact, with the development of the automobile industry in recent years, the price of cars has decreased. However, due to the social development and changes, people’s thinking has also changed. As a result, people’s willingness to buy cars has decreased rather than increased.Conclusion: In fact, everything has two sides. On the good side, although people are rich now, they are still rational in consumption. They will consider the actual situation to buy and avoid the loss and waste caused by blindly following the trend.Moreover, global warming has been an imminent problem, the country has also introduced policies, vigorously advocate low-carbon life, in order to reduce air pollution, buses are often free, we drive less, take public transport more, is also conducive to environmental protection.Why don’t you buy a car when you have a good life and make a lot of money?Insider: People are getting smarter