Tieling Fanhe New District law enforcement sub-center to carry out food fume rectification action

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, fan He New District comprehensive law enforcement branch center dispatched 18 people, 6 law enforcement vehicles, the area of the restaurant lampblack pollution problem to carry out special inspection and rectification action.Objective To strengthen the prevention and control of lampblack pollution and improve the environmental quality.In the inspection process, fan He new district comprehensive law enforcement branch center in-depth food and beverage stores, on whether according to the requirements of the installation of lampblack purification device and lampblack purification equipment use inspection and rectification.For catering units whose lampblack emissions do not meet the requirements, immediate on-site law enforcement will be carried out, and rectification will be required immediately.At the same time, my sub-center will be in need of rectification of catering units actively carry out “look back” action.The next step, Fanhe New Area law enforcement sub-center will further increase the daily supervision and joint law enforcement efforts to ensure the improvement of the effect and the promotion of the renovation work, and strive to reduce the impact of lampblack emissions on the lives of surrounding residents.(Reporter Zhao Zengyu, editor Xiang Xue, Huashang Daily)