Spring Festival I am in post | Spring Festival burning ban “not closed”, rush in the line to adhere to the blue sky clear water

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On the eve of January 31, 2022, the whole country will celebrate and all families will get together. At this moment of family reunion, hengshui ecological and environmental law enforcement officers gave up their time to get together with their families.Stick to the front line of banning the burning and releasing of fireworks, with a high sense of responsibility and selfless dedication, highlight the style of hengshui ecological environment law enforcement iron army, with practical actions to create a more peaceful, safe and peaceful festival atmosphere for the people of hengshui, protect the clear water and blue sky.The law enforcement officers of the Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment made full use of the straw burning video monitoring platform and insisted on the combination of “civil air defense + technical defense” to carry out comprehensive inspections, remote spot checks and all-round supervision of the fireworks burning and releasing prohibition work in important periods and nodes during the festival.To address the fireworks set off at any time and platform snapped bums and difficult problems, such as innovative work methods, establish a “ban burning banned WeChat group of” special work team, implement assigned by capturing, recording, and reporting “four synchronous” efficient work mode, via their mobile phones to record made the first push to WeChat group of locking evidence, statistical personnel in accordance with the push of combing registration in time,Song Aiyong, the shift leader of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, communicated with relevant counties and urban areas in real time through video connection, timely notified and scheduled relevant problems, forming a closed-loop management of timely delivery, timely feedback and timely disposal of the city’s fire and discharge ban.City ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement detachment division marshal Song Aiyong comrade do lead by example, all-weather stuck to a line, law enforcement personnel conscientious as pioneer, from the evening to work until midnight, from midnight until morning, night sleepless, cold wind blows, hengshui environment with full enthusiasm and passion to work, with practical action in the environmental protection tiejun’s responsibility to bear and noble feelings,Go all out to protect the clear water and blue sky, protect the green home of ecological civilization construction vanguard.While we are celebrating the Spring Festival, we also want to deeply thank the cadres and workers who give up their holidays and rest for hengshui’s environmental protection cause and stick to the front line of work. It is their hard protection that brings us a good ecological environment. Let’s say “thank you” to them deeply.Source: Ecology Hengshui