Remember the formula of “top short bottom long” when dressing small girls!Early spring wear like this, beautiful have a sense of existence

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Many female friends will according to their own body characteristics, do the corresponding dress collocation.After learning to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, in the ability to wear more accurate and effective look good!For small girls, daily dressing learning to use the formula of “short on the top and long on the bottom” can help them to do not wear weight.In addition, how to dress how to dress the field, how to dress the United States has a sense of existence, will also be the small girls will focus on the problem.Spring is here, and it’s time for lots of bright colors.What would make a little girl look better?Let’s have a look!1, cream yellow cardigan + light blue jeans many small girls are born with a “lovely soft meng” temperament.The sweet wind that vitality decreases age wears match, for them, also can hold easily.The knitted sweater of creaminess yellow, color is pure and fresh and comfortable, wear on the body gentle fair maiden, also can give a person at the moment bright feeling.Pair it with a pair of light blue high-waisted jeans to elevate your waistline.A light color to wear a gentle and vibrant sense, eye pleasing and comfortable!2. Short white knit + denim wide-leg pants Soft waxy white knit looks so pure and beautiful.On the dress of very basic money, very contracted flower design ornament, looking at pure and fresh and clean have girl melting feeling again.Paired with high-waisted, wide-legged jeans, the loose trouser version is comfortable and comfortable on the body, looking lazy and retro.The way a short top is paired with a high-waisted trouser suit is very tall, and it’s easy for a small woman to pull it off!3, pink cardigan + jeans pink cardigan, with a sweet romantic atmosphere, wear on the body of the gentle girl temperament explosiveness table.Thin v-neck cardigans can optimize head-to-body ratio and look elegant.With slim jeans is very temperament, “short on the bottom long” collocation way is also very long legs.A pink pink tender wear girl heart full, is also very eye-catching eye-catching!4, white shirt + blue sweater + high-waist jeans white shirt with v-neck blue sweater, can not only optimize the neck line, but also look elegant and generous.Stacking also makes wearing more layers.Lace of white bud silk together with the blue sweater that has braid feeling meets, contain the tune that restores ancient ways of a bit French.Pair it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a wide belt that accentuates your waistline for a more polished look.Wear a pair of high heel boots to promote visual height already, also be to promote aura sense and mature sense of the magic weapon.Wearing a strong and colorful style, is very good-looking.5. Black velvet coat + brown pleated skirt + black Mary Jane shoes short black coat, low-key and atmospheric color.Made of velvet material, together with a lot of delicate metal buckle design, the classic “black gold” combination, wearing on the body is very noble feeling.Pair it with a long, brown pleated skirt that falls below the knee for an elegant, feminine look that’s poised.Pair it with a pair of black Mary Jane shoes for a delicate and elegant look.A dress elegant and stylish, the United States is very lasting appeal.6, khaki windbreaker + white bottom shirt + black half skirt khaki windbreaker is a very common color, very classic atmosphere, in the spring to wear thickness is just right.A shorter trench coat is also friendlier for a shorter woman.Inside is a very simple black and white color matching, wearing a white bottom shirt with a black skirt, simple and low-key, very temperament.A minimalist sense of wear, give a person a clean sense, very contracted atmosphere.7, pink sweater + broken flower skirt pink sweater with the same color department of broken flower skirt, light and elegant dress, fairy full at the same time, the upper body is also very gentle temperament, the sweet romantic atmosphere of spring feeling full.The tie-in way that fastens with color, together with the knit unlined upper garment of foundation money, combination rises won’t have too sweet be bored with feeling.”On the short and long” collocation way is very figure, but also do not worry about the problem of pressure.8, white base coat + green stripe cardigan + navy blue denim skirt green and black combination stripe shirt, crisp lines and fresh and bright color, not only the upper body show white skin, give a person the feeling is also very fresh and clean.Take white bottom garment inside, combination rises comfortable raise an eye, have flabby feeling.With the navy blue denim skirt, the short style matches the long skirt, which makes it look tall and energetic.9, white T-shirt + light yellow jacket + white high-waist trousers compared to dark clothing, light clothing is more fresh and bright, the sense of existence will be stronger.I want to improve the sense of presence and eye attraction.For our daily wear, it is a good choice to combine some light-colored pieces.The high waist trousers of buff jacket collocation white, pure and fresh and comfortable, also give a person at the moment a bright feeling.