On the second day, 154 baise vehicles were seized for “headwind” travel

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Outbreak is command Prevention and control is the responsibility of the baise universal home quarantine, into a driving but some people just don’t honest to do STH without authorization to deal with the current epidemic situation development, personnel flow and traffic control, completely to prevent the spread of epidemic, on February 9, 7, baise municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment of not complying with home quarantine requirements,Those who drive vehicles (including all motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles) to travel in violation of traffic control provisions shall be punished and severely detained according to law.Strict control of the second day, baise traffic police seized a total of 154 vehicles.On the first day, 88 cars were seized.Baise 88 vehicles out without authorization was seized) will now violate the ban on road traffic vehicles to be exposed hope the general public to pay attention to the prevention of the epidemic, everyone is responsible for the inspection, excuse to go to the hospital At 9 o ‘clock in the morning of February 9, an electric bicycle through the east increase road Aegean Sea shopping park intersection duty point, was on duty officers intercepted.Driver Huang Mou Quan said to go to the hospital, when the police on duty asked why to go to the hospital, its hemming and hawing for a long time to answer, can not show the relevant certificate and pass.In the end, the police did not comply with the requirements of home isolation, violation of traffic control regulations driving a car huang Mou Quan to take temporary seizure of compulsory measures.At about 8:30 am on February 9, a black Audi car was stopped at the intersection of Dongzeng Road Aegean Shopping Park without the permit issued by the epidemic prevention and control headquarters.According to the driver He Mou Xing, he is in the direction of panshui road in the forest to engage in breeding, that day mistakenly thought the urban area for the second national nucleic acid testing, portable wife from home to drive to love sea shopping park nucleic acid testing point for nucleic acid testing, do not want to violate the relevant epidemic prevention regulations.Civilian police to He Mou withholding vehicle compulsory measures, due to considering the He Mou xing’s home far from ZhiQinDian comparison, and in the mountains, on duty personnel use the police car and his wife back to the farm, it is told to epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with the relevant requirements, to comply with the requirements of the home quarantine, pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control of dynamic information, avoid the incident in violation of the regulations of epidemic prevention.The traffic police reminded the public to consciously fulfill their civic obligations, stay at home, reduce the flow of people, and block the transmission channels of the epidemic.The public security organs will investigate the legal responsibilities of those who do not obey, do not cooperate with, or even obstruct the prevention and control and quarantine measures of state organs and medical institutions.About our source: Baise Traffic police responsible editor: Jiang Xihe Yulin Daily all media matrix