In the year of the tiger, there is a chance of marriage

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Often read the teacher’s article, from the article to learn a lot of knowledge, let me benefit, at the same time for their own life, to their own future have a lot of questions.Boy I was born in 1996, it is good to learn as a child, is was the number of junior high school grades in our county, and then high school arts branch, my parents and teachers think I should choose science, in fact, my heart is more like the liberal arts, so in their advocacy, I chose science department, scores on priority class is also a medium above, take an examination of a good school is no problem.But I did not expect to fail in the college entrance examination, and my score was not ideal. Later, I chose to repeat the examination, but I still failed to be admitted to a 211 institution and only went to an ordinary university.It has been more than four years since I graduated. I have taken the postgraduate entrance examination and the civil service examination, but my results are not very ideal. I still stay at my original job.Now the age is not small, so far has not had a serious girlfriend, this year home Chinese New Year, our parents began to urge me to find an object, so I am more concerned about the object of things, so I find the teacher, I hope the teacher can help me see, my is why when?Is there any hope of marriage in a year or two?What does she look like?Thank you for your answer.Born in c son year, guizi month, xinhai, wuzi boys, xinjin was born in the third month lost order, month and year column are grams of leak day Lord of the five elements, when the column and son water leak body, only when the column wuzi soil is printed can give birth to the day Lord, is also the only global useful five elements, you belong to the weak, take earth gold for use, water, wood and fire to avoid.In terms of marriage analysis, your character of eight is official, which implies that you are weak in character, dependent, and suspicious. You will quarrel and contradict with other people because of some small things, and you are easy to cling to some things. You are good at face, and you are aggressive to your other half in marriage, which is not good for your marriage.The original bureau does not see the wealth star, only a armour wood is wealth star hidden in the water of the day, the water of the sea represents the wife star, the wife star does not show that your opposite sex is poor, the desire for marriage is not big.When you are in a relationship and have been together for a long time, you will be more demanding and picky to your partner, and it is not easy to meet all the behaviors of your partner.Japanese column hai water hidden armour wood is wealth, wealth in the main position, you treat feelings more specific, ground branch si Hai Chong, impulse marriage palace, that you are easy to quarrel with the object after marriage, contradiction, pony chong marriage palace, marriage is easy to change.Your future object belongs to the smart, plump person, taller, looks average, gentle personality, people also have the sun motivated, the probability is engaged in financial accounting work, or government agencies type of occupation.Di zhi si Hai Chong, fleeting time to meet the solution of chong, Ren Yin years, Di Zhi Yin Hai he, Printing is the wealth is closed, there is marriage, to grasp, can have the opportunity to get married.