Enping city west town for the masses to do practical village add new clothes New Year

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In 2021, Liangxi town combined with the study and education of party history to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, high quality completed municipal people’s livelihood practical and micro practical 13, more than 50 people’s livelihood practical things, achieved good results.Recently, liang West town continued to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, boost “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities normalized, long-term.Listen to the voice of the people, help the old village look new.When I first arrived at the old village, I saw the dilapidated houses, piles of debris and garbage everywhere.Then to the old village, has changed the “new look”.In combination with the construction of rural revitalization demonstration belt and the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses”, Liangxi Town implemented a project to improve the living environment of old villages.New old village, a new cultural corridor, farming culture will be handed down from generation to generation;There is also a farming park, where villagers can plant and tourists can experience rural life and feel the leisure of working at sunrise and resting at sunset.At the same time, liangxi town also on the old village part of the house in the transformation, drawing a beautiful pattern, fully show the new rural new style.Old village new look listen to public opinion to solve people’s worries, revitalize the idle land village.”Although our X831 line is one of the top 10 most beautiful rural roads in Guangdong Province, there is still a lot of idle land and overgrown weeds, which not only affects the beauty of sihao rural road, but also has traffic safety risks.”Along the villagers have a discussion way.After collecting villagers’ opinions and suggestions in many ways, liangxi Town committee and town government quickly carried out the overall planning, precise policy, revitze the idle land at the gate of the bay village committee, the new bay farming culture park.The park is equipped with recreational facilities and rest facilities to meet the needs of the masses for leisure and entertainment, and provide a good place for the villagers to relax after dinner.The garden will be combined with the characteristic brand of “Hometown of Four sweet potatoes” of Liangxi town, set up four sweet potato farming culture landscape and unique advertising column, so that tourists can feel the strong farming atmosphere of Liangxi town while playing, and further polish the brand of “Hometown of four sweet potatoes”.Revitalize the idle land along the “four good rural road” demonstration road to create small parks.”The peach blossoms in Zhujian village are beautiful, but it’s not worth driving all the way here to appreciate them.””Said a tourist admiring flowers in Zhuqiao village, West Liangxi last Spring Festival.After getting this feedback, liangxi town committee town government fully planning, integration of resources, to create contiguous theme tourism villages, greatly enriched the town’s tourism resources.At the same time, Liangxi Town has integrated the resources of five natural villages, namely Zhujian Village, Zhongxin Village, Xincheng Village, Poshan Village and Poshan Village zai. Through the reconstruction of external facades, low landscape walls, tangtan, guardrail and other infrastructure, all kinds of high-quality flowers are planted to form flower-themed villages.In addition, Liangxi Town also built windmill theme and historical theme villages in Changlong, Yong ‘an, Changning, xincun four natural villages, and built farming culture theme villages in Xiangdong, Xiangnan and Nawan Village three natural villages, forming a tourist culture corridor, effectively solving the problem of single tourist attractions.In 2021, Relying on the construction of rural revitalization demonstration belt, Liangxi Town has invested more than 27 million yuan to continue the implementation of 34 projects such as improvement of living environment, landscaping, public facilities construction, facade transformation and so on, forming a gallery with bright flowers, sweet fragrance of four sweet tubs, qinxin of hot springs and full of fruits.Next, Liangxi town will adhere to the masses demand-oriented, to the overall planning as the idea, to create a happy Liangxi as the goal, continue to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, to further promote the construction of beautiful countryside on a new level.Editor: Wu Huijun contributed: Liangxi Town Party and government office