A new SUV model, uni-K, gives you the most comfortable company with the light of wisdom

2022-04-25 0 By

Speaking of Changan Automobile, Chinese people are very familiar with it. In recent years, Changan Automobile has made a lot of contribution to the domestic automobile industry. A new SUV model launched by Changan Automobile has aroused high attention and heated discussion in various senses.Uni-k is designed to appeal to young people, with its unique boundary-free design that breaks the centuries-old tradition of grille.The hexagonal matrix is created by parameterization, and the logo extends to all sides, presenting a sense of future science and technology.Super symbol support, create UNI sequence exclusive logo, unique powerful field, leading the future fashion pattern.Hidden door handle adopts flat out mechanical structure, effectively reducing wind resistance, while fully showing the dynamic and tension of the body surface.Proper speed, proper damping, and soft light atmosphere bring out detail and quality.When the doors are closed, they automatically hide, allowing you to experience a sense of reverence and ceremony every time you enter and depart.Suspension satellite surround LED headlights, the use of top “SLR class” Z 24mm ultra-thin near and far light lens, with industry-leading light focusing ability, with intelligent near and far light adjustment, so that the gentleman is always with you, LED light source with water effect, just like a high-speed space satellite, full of advanced future science and technology sense.Uni-k initiates a complete progression for the journey.The new generation of future science and technology intelligent cockpit, with 3+1 quadruple screen interactive layout, super continuous Mobius double screen interaction, powerful functions, convenient operation, to bring users imaginative visual and interactive evolution experience.Equipped with “SuperFast” high-energy chip, you can have 4.7s ultra-fast boot experience and operation feedback, so that every time you start, no need to wait.Has FACE ID super accounts and linkage adjusting function, get on the bus exclusive greetings, answering the phone active noise control, automatic smoke monitoring in the wind, the line of sight under the bright screen, high speed way remind, fatigue and global gesture interaction system, cockpit do indeed understand your car, think you think, with time connected, become the most intimate journey “partners”.Uni-k can be elegant in noisy traffic, but you can just enjoy driving.Blue Whale’s new generation D series 2.0t engine has a maximum power reserve of 233 HP and 390 NM of peak torque, which makes the whole vehicle’s power performance easy and strong.At the same time, the low-speed response is faster, the output of 350n. m torque at 1500r/min, power output on call.Equipped with aixin 8-speed manual transmission, it has higher transmission efficiency and lower locking speed. Even in the face of endless stop and go, the shift is fast and soft, running like water. It not only protects the pleasure of driving, but also gives consideration to the comfort of the passengers.Uni-k, as a new SUV model of medium size in China, takes into account both appearance level and performance. In terms of appearance, interior and power, it can be said that the combination of wisdom and technology is tailor-made for young people.