Teletubbies born in the Year of the Tiger

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For He Ying, the holiday was just like any other day.This past year, she woke up at 6:30 am almost every holiday and commuted for more than an hour to her job in Huairou, a suburb of Beijing.Her daily task is to “deliver” a special group of “babies”.They are aptly called teletubbies, or active Phased array (AESA) antennas.

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As process director of the Microwave Microsystems Department at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Space And Space Information Innovation Research Institute, He ying’s main responsibility is to manage the production line, where the Teletubbies are born.He Ying led a production line process team of more than 40 people, responsible for the two production lines of microassembly and system assembly.”My job involves both process and production.In terms of process, I was mainly responsible for the establishment of process technology system, including microassembly technology, LTCC technology, denso and system final assembly technology.In terms of production, I was mainly responsible for the planning and construction of production lines, quality control in the production process and solving technological problems in the production process.”By coordinating the tasks of both production and technology, products can not only be “smoothly born”, but also achieve the goal of “healthy birth and healthy breeding”, he said.Xu Kaiming, director of the phased array antenna project and a researcher of the Space Information Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced that the traditional mechanical scanning antenna drives the servo mechanism to change the antenna pointing, which has the disadvantages of large scanning inertia, long scanning period, small number of channels, poor anti-interference ability, poor reliability and so on.”Different from traditional mechanical scanning antennas, an active phased array antenna is an antenna that electronically scans by changing the shape of the pattern by controlling the feed phase of the array antenna’s radiation element.”‘It can improve the ability of electronic systems to deal with fast, mobile targets in harsh electromagnetic environments,’ Mr. Xu said. ‘It’s the’ superbaby ‘of the antenna family.’Talking about the relationship between phased array antenna and radar, Xu Kaiming made a vivid analogy.’If you compare radar to a car, the phased array antenna is the engine of the car,’ he said. ‘The phased array antenna is the core equipment of radar.’Xu kaiming said radars based on active phased array antennas have outstanding advantages such as flexible beam scheduling, multi-function, high reliability, fast scanning, strong anti-interference ability and high sensitivity. They have been widely used in radar, navigation, communication and other fields, and have been involved in airborne and vehicle-mounted fields in batches.However, this sophisticated achievement is not easy to come, the actual production is very difficult.To this end, the craftsmen paid great efforts.”In all legal holidays throughout 2021, the entire production line’s technical personnel stick to their work posts without rest.”Today, he says, the demand for ACTIVE phased array antennas is growing rapidly and people are getting busier and busier, so they have to produce the components needed for the mission on time.The component mentioned by He Ying refers to the high-performance transmitting/receiving (T/R) component, which is the key component of phased array antenna. The success of its development determines the cost and system performance of the whole antenna.If transmitting/receiving components are not produced in quality and quantity, the entire antenna production mission will be affected.In order to ensure the smooth progress of production tasks, process personnel through efforts, so that the output of components in just a few years to achieve the “blowout”.It turned out that the assembly line of components had been deployed in Zhongguancun before it was relocated to Huairou in 2016.At the time, the team’s component production tasks were only a few hundred channels a year.Now, the annual output of the production line has reached more than 20,000 channels. The reasons behind this are not only the significant improvement of the technological capacity, the production mode from manual to automatic, but also the great efforts of the technical personnel, which greatly improved the technological level and expanded the team size from less than 10 people to more than 40 people.”In the New Year, our biggest wish is to double the capacity from more than 20,000 channels to 50,000 channels to better meet the growing demand for ACTIVE phased array antennas.”He Ying said firmly.Source: Science and Technology Daily editor: Zhang Qiqi Review: Yue Liang final: He Yi