Easy to live in! Country Garden Star Diamond with 6 meters villa wide hall in three children era is in place in one step

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On May 31, 2021, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting and decided to implement the policy of allowing a couple to have three children and supporting measures, which means the arrival of the three-child era, the increasing number of people buying houses, the increase of family members, the demand for living space will also increase.The concept of “one step in place” is gradually highlighted.Leju real estate evaluation division to find a special improved housing, today, will take you into the Country Garden Star Diamond project, to bring you a comprehensive evaluation of the project 137㎡ housing.This house each space design is very square, convenient later furniture placement, and fully bright house, late living can be fully daylighting, ensure living comfort, the master bedroom is equipped with an independent toilet, and double bathroom can meet the family of many.Of course, place of south north bedroom is not complete connect door model, more or less can affect later period pass demeanor.The pen of dot eyeball of whole door model depends on the sitting room design of 6 meters wide, on market at present much the sitting room of 4 meters left and right sides, even if have the wide hall of 6 meters above, also is transverse mostly wide, enter deep short.And country garden star diamond 6 meters wide hall, into the depth of 5 meters, really can be called villa wide hall, the comfort of the future is self-evident.The area of the dining room is sufficient, and a large side cabinet can be made in the later stage to ensure the aesthetic degree while storing. The u-shaped design of the kitchen and the refrigerator space are still sufficient for use.The whole house has 4 bedrooms, accommodating more than three generations of family members in one step, no pressure.Country Garden Star Diamond Project is located in the core of the old City of Huimin, 4km(10 minutes) away from the Business circle of Zhongshan Road, 1.3km away from hugang East Road Station of Metro Line 1, on the east side of Bayannur Express Road, only 1.2km away from bus Company 1, 5 primary schools, 2 parks and 1 comprehensive wholesale market within 2km of the surrounding area, complete supporting facilities and convenient life.Quickly.Interested netizens, please call Leju 400 or go to the case to learn more details.Article source: Leju buy a house