Xiamen tourism market spring special rectification action officially launched today

2022-04-23 0 By

Xiamen will provide warmer and better tourism services for tourists.”Xiamen is a city with temperature and speed. I will come again if I have the chance.”Recently, a student from Henan province who was visiting Xiamen left a comment on People’s Daily online, praising the efficient handling of the problems he encountered during his trip.From now on, xiamen tourism market spring special rectification action officially launched, will provide tourists with warmer, better quality tourism services.On February 9th, han, a student from Henan province, traveled to Xiamen with his cousin.They intend to go to dongdu cruise terminal by taxi in the ferry terminal, and then on gulangyu island by boat, but the taxi driver was directly taken to the west embankment road sales department of a travel agency.The driver also told them they “need to buy tickets here”.The Cousins paid 376 yuan to sign up for a one-day trip after entering a travel agency outlet.Later, on the way, they learned from the staff that the 188 yuan per person trip did not include tickets to all the scenic spots on Gulangyu, and they would have to pay extra for several scenic spots they wanted to visit.They felt that the travel agency did not make a clear introduction at the beginning and demanded a refund.The store refused to refund the tickets on the ground that they had been booked.After repeated communication, the store promised to refund, but deduct 35 yuan/person for the boat ticket.At about 13 o ‘clock on February 10, Han students online about the depressed experience.The complaint was investigated and handled within less than two hours after the city’s cultural tourism Bureau learned about it that night. The person in charge of the travel agency immediately apologized and reimbursed the relevant money.Han was very moved by the positive and quick attitude of xiamen authorities to solve the problem.This morning, the reporter learned from the city’s tourism exhibition industry development leading group office, from now on, Xiamen will carry out the spring special rectification of the tourism market, standardize the order of xiamen’s tourism market, better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists to Xiamen.Reporters noted that in regulating travel agencies and service outlets operating behavior, will implement the implementation of the contract before detailed notification and on-site audio and video recording, so that tourists clearly consumption;In terms of regulating taxi and ride-hailing drivers’ service behaviors, education and management of taxi and ride-hailing drivers will be strengthened, requiring them not to actively recommend tourism, dining, shopping and other consumption items to tourists.In terms of standardizing ticketing operation, it will focus on illegal activities such as operation without license, false publicity, illegal price, operating travel agency business without permission, forcibly soliciting or hiring people to solicit passengers and disturbing public order, as well as colluding with taxi and ride-hailing drivers to carry passengers with high commission.It is reported that in this action, Xiamen culture and tourism, transportation, market supervision, public security and other departments will strengthen joint cooperation.The law enforcement forces of relevant departments will actively cooperate with each district to carry out the order governance of the tourism market under their jurisdiction, and frequently carry out the joint inspection and law enforcement of irregular and uncertain regions, so that tourists to Xiamen have a stronger sense of happiness and security.Citizens and tourists can call 12345 to complain about any travel problems.In 2021, the municipal Comprehensive law enforcement Team of cultural market received a total of 1882 tourism complaints, rights protection consultation and situation reflection issues through 12301 National tourism supervision service platform, 12315 Tourism complaint service platform of Fujian Province, 12345 convenient service platform of Xiamen City, xiamen Public Safety Management platform and other relevant complaint channels.According to the deadline requirements for the completion of the cumulative recovery of tourists economic losses of more than 2.11 million yuan.The timely completion rate of complaints and the satisfaction rate of tourists were 100%.